Made for you and your business

Van Thiel supports heroes with products which are designed for them, and in collaboration with them. Products that -first of all- contribute to their safety and provide flexibility, ease of use and a minimal physical strain. Continuously we are in conversation with our heroes to develop solutions; and we have been doing so for decades.

We understand scaffolding

We think it is all about the people. The essence of scaffolding lies in how people can work and what can be achieved. We want to support scaffolders in making a difference, even under the most extreme conditions.
With van Thiel solutions scaffolders can work faster, easier and safer than with traditional systems, without conceding to flexibility. This improves the working conditions of the scaffolding professional.

If you are employing scaffolders you will acknowledge that these men are your greatest asset. Getting the most out of them is getting the most out of your projects. And of course you want them and your project to be safe.
Providing your men with the best equipment available will improve the output of their work. Either by less construction time, less faults and simultaneously eliminating risks where ever possible.

By delving into the challenges you and your business face, we gain a deeper understanding of what really matters. From how scaffolders work -and the complexities that come with it- to how your business makes projects feasible and executable in a profitable way. With this recognition we are committed to develop innovative systems and support you with knowledge and advice.

Our products have been designed and engineered to support you and your business. They also need less to zero maintenance and are very durable. This makes it a solid investment and sustainable for the environment.
When the requirements are high or complex, you can rely on van Thiel, particularly in extreme conditions such as the arctic or offshore.

Van Thiel has a long history in the scaffolding world. When it comes to practise we know the ropes. We understand scaffolding.