About us

Van Thiel fabriekVan Thiel United was founded in 1847 in Beek en Donk, the Netherlands. Starting of as a  manufacturer of fastening materials and other products manufactured from steel wire, in the mid 1950’s a scaffolding coupler was invented. This is currently known as the THIEL wedge coupler. Starting off with the sale of the coupler the product range of scaffolding materials  expanded over the years, and with the development of the tube-lock concept among others, van Thiel United can provide a full range of products to support traditional scaffolding.

In the year 2000 the decision has been made to purely focus on scaffolding materials and to sell the fastening materials division. Today we have invested in optimising the manufacturing process with a new production line. For the future we are committed to continuously improve our range of products as well as maintain our manufacturing standards.

 With this focus we expect to be able to support our customers  in their business, so….



1.       By connecting… speed with safety

As a subcontractor you need scaffolding that is fast to erect because time is money in the building trade. But so is reputation for safety. That’s why we combine the best of both worlds – the simple but ingenious THIEL® wedge coupler is secured in seconds, without bolts.

 2.                          ….flexibilty with strength

 Thiel® scaffolding can match any shape your architects create. That’s because the patented Tube-Lock® concept comprises discrete scaffold components that are lightweight and strong, providing flexibility, simplicity and fast erection and dismantling.

 3.                           ….cost-reductions with longer lifetime

 We also support your business in reducing costs since our products last longer in extreme weather conditions, are corrosion resistant and require no replacement parts nor maintenance.



Support for your business