THIEL scaffold coupler

Swivel Couplers


Wedge couplers are used for a temporary connection of two tubes.

The Swivel coupler connects two tubes in any angle.

Swivel couplers are available in the following dimensions:

  • P1126              48 x 48
  • P1070             43 x 43
  • P2137              43 x 48
  • P1134              48 x 60


Other dimensions upon request

  • Half couplers 43, 48 and 60 


Swivel Coupler

     EN 74-1 class B
Product number: P-1126
Weight: 1,7 kg
Practical value: 9,1 kN
Safety factor: 1,65
Product code in wedge: EN74 B CU
Swivel coupler: Connecting two tubes at an angle
EN 74: Testing according NEN-EN 74-1:2005
B: Classification according to EN 74-1:2005
CÜ: Control of production by means of an independent certification institute
Corrosion protection: Galvanizing



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