Thiel lock transom concept

Thiel-Lock transom concept combines flexibility, simplicity, strength and quick (dis)assembly. Thiel-Lock transom concept is designed for the construction of independent scaffolds and can also be used in industry, shipbuilding and the aircraft industry. It prefabricates a transom tube and 4 fittings to produce a rigid unit that speeds scaffold erection. In combination with Tube-Lock® transom standards and ledgers it forms a quickly erected, 5 board wide ‘system’ access scaffold.

Features of Thiel-Lock

• No need for ledger bracing, because of exceptionally rigid corner joint
• Fast erection; less tightening then conventional scaffolding
• No loose fittings
• Suitable for every form of building and height
• Guarantees a stable scaffold

The multifunctional Thiel-Lock transom concept scaffold consists of 6 parts:

• The Thiel-Lock transom, provides a stiff scaffold without the need for ledger bracing
• Strong welded right-angle couplers connect uprights
• Right-angle couplers connect railings and horizontal ledgers at an angle of 90°
• Swivel couplers connect diagonals at a different angle
• Transoms + extenders make assembly of the Thiel-Lock concept scaffold easy because the standards are placed at the correct distance from each other
• Standards, approx. 1270 mm centre to centre, connect the horizontal ledgers on the work floor with each other so that 5 scaffold planks can be laid alongside each other.
• Transom + extender is provided with a pull-out that enables the assembly of a maximum of 3 scaffold planks between the inside standard and the building.
• Additional: hop-up brackets with or without extenders.
• Because of the design the use of loose tubes and couplers other then provided isn’t necessary. Van Thiel advises to use only original parts and if necessary tubes according to specifications in EN39 and class B couplers according to EN74.

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