THIEL scaffold coupler

Since its introduction over two decades ago, the THIEL® wedged scaffold couplers have achieved a leading position in the Dutch market.  The demanding Dutch recognised that this coupler, despite its higher purchase price, outperforms any bolted alternative both in safety, ease of operation and cost.

The function of the THIEL® wedge coupler is largely the same as that of a bolt coupler, but with some distinctive properties:

  • The THIEL® wedge coupler is fixed to the scaffold tubes by striking  a wedge instead of screwing a nut to a bolt.
  • The THIEL® wedge coupler is designed such that all parts are inextricably connected.
  • The THIEL® wedge coupler is constructed of strong 12mm special steel wire elements.

The different design gives the THIEL® wedge coupler it’s superb properties compared to bolt couplers.

THIEL wedge couplers have been tested for safety, they are easy and safe to operate and have a strong fixing to the tube. Furthermore THIEL wedge couplers are cost effective, as they are durable, require no maintenance and save construction time. 

THIEL wedge couplers are suitable for all climate conditions, even the harsh cold ones!