Tube-lock® concept

The Thiel Tube-Lock® concept enables you to build a flexible, safe scaffold consisting of light components because of the combination of flexibility, simplicity, strength and fast erection and dismantling. It can therefore be used on any form or shape of construction an architect has designed.Afbeelding4

Tube-Lock® concept brings method to traditional scaffolding – traditional scaffolding has an important place because of its flexibility combined with affordability. Scaffolding comprising of light-weight materials is essential because of the strict Occupational Health and Safety regulations. The van Thiel concept conforms to these requirements.

Tube-Lock® concept is designed for constructing brickwork and industrial scaffolds and suitable for use in the shipbuilding, aviation and industrial sectors.  

  • Suitable for every form of building and height due to the unique smooth tube connection
  • Cost-saving due to the fast and simple erection and dismantling carried out by only one person
  • No maintenance
  • Limited number of parts
  • Heaviest part weighs only 15.7 kg
  • Staggering Tube-Lock® is unnecessary
  • Guarantees a stable scaffold
  • Great logistic advantages on the building site, in the depot and with transport
  • Used tubes as well as new tubes can be used, which upgrades the existing material
  • Tube-Lock® concept and the traditional scaffold are 100% interchangeable
  • In combination with the hop up bracket, bricks can be laid between the wall and the inner standard in an ergonomic manner conforming to the regulations.


The multifunctional Tube-Lock® concept scaffold consists of the following light parts:

  1.  Tube-Lock® standards, ledgers and guardrails
  2.  THIEL® wedge coupler
  3.   Foot lift transoms
  4.   System transoms
  5.   Base plate

 If van Thiel assembles the Tube-Lock® in a used tube supplied by you, this includes cutting, alignment and cleaning of the tube.