Supporters of scaffolding

Like the explorers sailing out to discover new worlds, or reconnaissance men checking out the conditions ahead of the main army, the scaffolder executes his responsible job secluded from a supporting environment. Far ahead of the actual building construction, he creates a safe working environment for those who are about to arrive.

The word of modern scaffolding is a highly specialized business. It is a crucial stage in any construction project. No scaffolding, no construction projects. Since mankind started to build it needed some sort of support to reach height. As the construction business evolved into modern times so did scaffolding. One could also say, that the development of scaffolding defined the limits of building.

Professional scaffolders make projects feasible and provide conditions for construction workers to do their work in the safest and fastest way. In the past, and unfortunately still in many countries, scaffolding has been a very dangerous business. In our opinion these daring men were more a victim than a hero, as unsafe working is no longer necessary.
Nevertheless, the environment of scaffolding is one full of risks.

For the scaffolder this environment is his work. Where others back off or take unnecessary risks, professional scaffolders know what they are doing. It is tough work, but it has to be done so that others can carry out their business and rely on safety. To be a scaffolder you need courage, endurance, skill and awareness. Amongst the heroes there is no place for dare devils and incompetents. Scaffolders are a breed apart. You will often only see them at the beginning and the end of a project, mostly when the time pressure is high, even under the harshest and challenging conditions. These men of steel are unseen heroes.

Thiel understands the world of scaffolding and is committed to support these heroes. We do this by supplying them with the best tools available, by developing clever products that support fast, flexible and safe working. We are involved in training and we actively support any effort to improve or regulate scaffolding professionalism.

Above all we think that if scaffolding receives the proper acknowledgement, people will understand and respect the value of it. It is therefore that we not only want to support those scaffolders who already draw a strict line when it comes to safety and professionalism, but also those men who still work in less safe and acceptable circumstances. Scaffolding has evolved into a highly skilled professional business and Van Thiel has been part of that growth for over 50 years.